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Within the warranty period, Ctroniq provides free service only if the product has had a nonphysical damage, such as the defects of product’s design, manufacture and material.


Within the warranty period, Ctroniq provides free exchange service only if charger/battery/USB cable/earphone has non-physical damage, like the defects of product’s design, manufacture and material.


The warranty applies from the date of purchase. If the final day of warranty period is official holiday, it extends to the first day after public holiday.


The warranty is valid only when the warranty card is properly completed, and upon presentation of the proof of purchase consisting of original invoice or sales slip indicating the date of purchase, retailer name, model and IMEI/Serial No. of the product. Ctroniq reserves the right to refuse warranty if this information has been removed, changed or incomplete.


If customers are unable to present the proof of purchase, the warranty applies from the 60th day after factory manufacturing date which may be found in the IMEI/SN.

Warranty is Not Applicable in any of the below mentioned cases

1. Product is not purchased from an authorized dealer.

2. Product is not used according to instructions prescribed within the User Manual.

3. Damages caused by improper use (immersion, dropping, crush or in hot temperature/moist environment, etc.). This shall be determined by the service technician.

4. Modification or alteration of any type made to alter the physical construction of the set.

5. Any modification of Operating System, installation of third-party OS or apps from thirdparty app store (not Ctroniq App Store/Google Play Store) which led to malfunction.

6. The original IMEI/SN is removed, obliterated or changed.

7. The completed warranty card is not presented to authorized personnel.

8. Repairs carried out by technician or agency other than authorized by Ctroniq.

9. Defects due to cause beyond control like lightning, fire, earthquake, abnormal voltage, acts of God

Warranty Period

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