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32-inch High Definition LED TV


1366 x 768

BG/DK/I Sound

16:9 aspect ratio

178º view angle

2 USB ports

2 HDMI ports

PC port

3D Noise Reduction

With this CTRONIQ LED TV, you can enjoy your favorite content from any seat in the room without compromising on its quality.

Ctroniq 32CT3100

See the

world in HD

A view from all sides

Ctroniq 32CT3100

A thin, sleek body with a wide vibrant screen means that the 32CT3100 can be appreciated from all sides.

"Lifelike and Mesmerising"

Experience entertainment like never before with the CTRONIQ 32CT3100 32inch LED TV. It amalgamates Crystal Colour, Motion Plus and Contrast Enhancer to ensure a lifelike and mesmerising viewing experience.

Ctroniq 32CT3100

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